Skull and Shackles


Day 1

Arrival: The PCs wake up in the hold of the Wormwood. Master Scourge and his mates lead them on deck, where Captain Harrigan welcomes the PCs aboard and Mr. Plugg assigns the PCs jobs on the ship.

“Bloody Hour”: The crew gathered on deck at dusk to witness the keelhauling of Jakes Magpie, a pirate caught stealing from the quartermaster’s store the night before. After a brief interrogation at the hands of Mr. Plugg and Master Scourge, Jakes admitted his crime, and was then brought up from the bilges to be slowly keelhauled before the evening meal.

Day 2

Early on in your time aboard the Wormwood, Aretta Bansion, Fipps Chumlett, Jaundiced Jape, and Slippery Sy Lonegan accosted you for seemingly no reason and started a fist fight that almost made you late to your shift (which would’ve gotten you whipped by Master Scourge). Assuming you were smart and did not draw weapons (would you need to with 2 unarmed strikes and a sorceress?), you beat them handily and made to your shift in time.

Day 4

A few days later, Jack Scrimshaw came rushing out of the bilges with a nasty bite on his arm, complaining that something big swam out of the bilge water. Mr. Plugg immediately ordered the four of you to investigate.

After dispatching six dire rats handily, you smartly took some extra time to explore the area, finding a number of discarded items.

Loot: Leather Armor, 3 Heavy Maces, a Buckler, a MW Handaxe, a Vial of Holy Water, a Tanglefoot Bag, 2 Tindertwigs and 21g 12s.

Day 5

The next day, Mr. Plugg brings out his pet, Owlbear Hartshorn, a tortured human thug who doesn’t seem all that bright. Mr. Plugg challenges Sugriva to a fistfight(bare-knuckle fists or wrestling only) with the man and even throws in a 100g pot to go to the victor.

After a few blows are traded back and forth, Mr. Plugg breaks his own rule and tosses Owlbear a club which he promptly picks up and fights with. During the course of the fight, Sugriva notes that the burly man seems to favor his right side when making attacks and defending. It becomes quickly apparent that he is blind in his left eye, and exploiting this weakness makes the fight a cakewalk from that point.

After receiving a few more knuckles and knees from the man-monkey, Owlbear backs away in apparent surrender, though Mr. Plugg orders him back into the fight. Surgiva doesn’t hesitate, pressing the advantage and quickly knocks Owlbear unconscious.

Mr. Plugg seems rather annoyed, but does fork over the 100g pot.

Loot: 100g

Day 8

The day immediately following that is filled with heavy winds and rain. The ship is tossed about on the high seas and all hands are called on deck. While struggling valiantly against the rigging, Ambrose Kroop is tossed overboard like a ragdoll, despite his rotund stature.

Only through an amazing feat of strength from the cook’s mate, Mango, is the fat man somehow pulled from the churning water.

Day 11

Several days later, Mr. Plugg informs you that the captain would like crab for supper. He points to a reef lying some 200 feet north of the ship and instructs you to swim to it and fill four pots with crabs and swim back(you don’t even get a boat!). Plugg brooks no further discussion.

At the group’s refusal to hunt for crabs, Master Scourge has a field day whipping each of you while another group of pirates take the swim instead. They return a couple hours later with four pots of crabs, some major wounds from something big but with no casualties.

Day 14

A few days later, Mr. Plugg announces that you are to be trained in boarding. You are instructed by the Wormwood’s master gunner, Riaris Krine who, like Mango, has a peg leg. You spend the day throwing grappling hooks and climbing them while other pirates throw random junk at you to simulate a real attack. Some of the junk is… not so pleasant.

The days following this event, for whatever reason, Mr. Plugg seems to take even more of an interest in you, assigning you any duties that he is sure you do not like. There isn’t much to be done but endure it at this point, but hopefully something changes soon.

Day 19

A few days after the boarding training, Sugriva is oddly taken off of rigging duty and assigned to the bilges with 2 of the other pirates. Before long, the two pirates draw daggers and accuse Sugriva of slacking off before promptly attacking.

Sugriva obviously makes short work of them but is still somehow whipped for his actions.


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