Captain Kasidra


Kasidra is a mesmerizing woman. Her skin is a pale purple and her short hair a wine red. Her smile is enticing and you find yourself drawn in by her charms. I’d advise caution though; many whose eyes have lingered too long either ended up losing those eyes or wishing they had.

She stands at about five and half feet tall and weighs a mere 140 pounds. Once you can draw your mind from her beauty, you can begin to notice a few of her more subtle fiendish features. Her ears are pointed, for one, and she also has two small stubby horns hidden among her hair. Also, when caught at the right angle a small tail can be seen, but it actually looks much closer to a cat’s than a fiend’s. This brings us to her most defining feature: her eyes. The eyes of a powerful lioness; greenish yellow, with vertical pupils. The curiosity of her eyes draws you in, they are bright and playful, but if you look deeper you can almost see the darkness, power and lust so carefully concealed behind them.

Lastly, Kasidra has a stylized tattoo of a small thrush on her back. Many a sailor has sworn they have seen it move or even change position on her back. The heat and long days at sea can really mess with the mind, don’t you agree?

Tattoos: Thrush in the upper middle back
Pentagram on left forearm
Flames along lower neck
Side view outline of face and hand (looks like whispering…suggesting) on right bicep


Captain Kasidra

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